How to Find Great Recipes on Pinterest


pinterest logoWe have been using Pinterest now for about two years to find awesome recipe ideas and kitchen guides and we talk about it all the time on the blog. But, many of our readers right in fused about interest and how to use it so we thought it would be a good idea give a quick step-by-step guide on how to sign up for an account so you can start finding great recipes today!

Register for your account

It used to be that you needed an invite to join Pinterest, but now anybody can sign up that means no more waiting and you can start finding great recipes right away.

Signing up is as easy as going to and clicking the sign up button to start your account.

Create your profile

When creating your profile interest gives you the opportunity to link together social accounts you arty have. It’s best to stick with a consistent username if you already have one on other accounts. This way, when someone goes to find you, they will know they are following the right person.

Make sure your settings are correct

pinterest recipes and kitchen reviewsAfter you receive your activation email and activate your account, the first thing we recommend doing is setting up your email settings. Luckily, all of these are pretty straightforward. When you first start using Pinterest, it’s a good idea to keep all of these notifications turned on. It’s the best way to see who is interacting with your board, who is liking what you pin, and other important alerts.

Finding great recipes

Once you’re all signed up and have your settings, it’s super easy to start finding great recipes. Just use the search box just search for what you are trying to cook, and you will have an endless by recipes to choose from

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